Thursday, April 12, 2007

12 hours at John Muir is set : updates at bottom

12 Hours @ John Muir

The Race date is set, June 9th 2007. The event is located at the John Muir trail in the South Kettle Moraine State Forest in southeast Wisconsin.

The days events will start at 8 am. Registration will open at 6:30 am for the 12 hour event. All the info can be found at

A few quick notes. A trail pass and parking passes will be needed for the event.

All children 14 years old and younger riding with a parent on a team will ride that day for free. The price/promotion is only for the John Muir event.

Like every year there will be a day of raffle that will benefit Alpha Wings. They are a club that works to bring attention to the public about Alpha 1 lung disease.

5/8 Raffle items are coming in from OURY grip, HB performance brakes, Price Point, and others. Awards are all orders and I just dropped a big ol check on the insurance premiums so we are all set to go with the legals.

Many changes/reroutes have taken place over the past couple of weeks at the Muir. For now we are planning the same lap we had last year. Hopefully for some the peanut butter hill will be firmed up. Last years loop was the Blue loop to PB hill to the white loop hill climb then backwards down the orange loop hill then a fire road back out to finish out the blue loop.

5/6/2007 we have set the loops now that we hope the weatherman is correct

12 hour loop
Loop will be about 11 miles long, outer blue loop to PB hill bypass to white loop the right on blue/ green bypass and finish out on blue loop.

6 and 3 jour loop
Loop will be about 5 miles long. Red loop to blue /green bypass and finish out on blue loop.

Watch for more details.

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